What is Automatic Carwash Machine !Automatic carwash Machine is a carwash equipment based on desire and reality service that rely on Safety, Quickness, Cleanliness and Beauty, which affordable to any customers. Nowadays in the business market, this product has became highly profitable. With low risk and investment, it only needs relatively short time to reach Break Event Point (BEP) while margin profit will be continue until 10-15 years.
How is Automatic Carwash Machine Works !!
  • SAFE - Every brush is equipped with hi-tech sensor which washes the car stably according to its type and uses special brush that made of high quality Soft Cotton Sponge (like Kanebo) that will never scratch your car.
  • FAST - Only +/- 3 minutes needed from the starting point until finishing point.
  • CLEAN - Every edge and pore which is usually hard to be cleaned with manual method will be totally cleaned. With special car shampoo and it is fast drying.
  • BEAUTY - Every car will be layered with liquid wax to make it wet looked and glossy. The more you wash your car the better your car is.
  • COMFORT - Every driver doesn"t need to get off the car while enters the Automatic Carwash Machine, so enjoy the fun and excitement.
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